Privacy policy

As one information and communication company, we hereby declare the protection of personal information, by understanding its importance and execute according to the following privacy policy.

Article 1 [Compliance with Laws]

Our company complies with laws, regulations and guidelines concerning Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 2 [Acquisition of personal information]

  1. Our company uses legitimate and fair means to collect personal information.
  2. Our company does not collect sensitive information that are out of necessity to conduct business.

Article 3 [Use of personal information]

We use it in the accomplishment of duties within the use purpose that showed personal information in the case of the acquisition as far as they are necessary.

  1. Our company will use personal information, regarding the scope of the intended use when acquiring your personal information, to conduct business.
  2. Regarding our regulation, the scope of the intended use when acquiring your personal information, our company will use your information only to smoothly conduct business.
  3. If, in order to commission the business, a third party is going to jointly use or entrust your personal information, our company will strictly investigate and survey the third party for the protection of the information.

Article 4 [Provision of personal information to third parties]

Our company will not provide personal information to any third party without the owners authorization, or if the case is legally authorized.

Article 5 [Management of personal information]

  1. Our company will keep the accuracy and manage the security of personal information.
  2. Our company will take appropriate information security measures against unauthorized accesses, computer viruses etc., in order to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, any damage against personal information.
  3. Our company will not take out and send out personal information.

Article 6 [Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and deletion of personal information]

  1. Our company will, under law, faithfully disclose, correct, suspend its use and delete personal information according to customer request.
  2. Please contact us if you have any opinion or question concerning our use of personal information.

Article 7 [Organization and structure]

  1. Our company will properly manage personal information by assigning a security officer for its protection.
  2. Our company will execute training, both for board members and employees, aimed for appropriate management and protection of personal information, to ensure its proper usage for routine operation.

Article 8 [Compliance program]

To execute this policy, our company sets a tough stance on compliance program, “personal information protection rules”, for employees and other concerned parties, to be performed, maintained and continually improved.

Enactment: June 1st 2004
Revised: July 1st 2014

CEO President Akihide Iwamura

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