Terms of Use

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1 (application of the Terms of Service)

1. The Contractor shall, security monitoring services provided by ROCKETWORKS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company")
With respect to the "AEGIS Security Systems", terms and conditions set forth below (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") Now that we have agreed to, and then entered into a basic agreement with the date of the end described.
2. Basic Agreement of subscribers in compliance with the Terms, you shall receive this service.
3. We may define a special agreement in accordance with the other needs of the Terms.
In this case, the contractor shall to comply with special agreement with the Terms.

Article 2 (Change of Terms)
1. We may change the Terms and Conditions.
2. Upon change of this Agreement, notice the changes by e-mail to the subscribers, or to notify.
3. If properly set forth in the preceding paragraph of the announcement or notification has been made by the Company, regardless of the user's knowledge ignorance,
It shall Terms of Use after changes are applied.
4. subscribers (called appeal period.) A certain period of time after an announcement or notification of Terms from the Company change,
It is assumed that it is possible to have filed a complaint against the Company.
Company against it shall be addressed in good faith.

Article 3 (announcement and notification of the Company)
1. notification to the contractor from the Company, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, the contractor has registered It and is done by the method to be notified by e-mail to the e-mail address.
2. The Company will notify the contractor of the matters related to this service in the News section of the site operated by the Company.
3. If before the announcement and notification by Article 2 was made properly by the Company, to the damage caused due to the ignorance of the user In contrast, our company does not assume any responsibility.
4. Circular matters requiring urgency (and for a limited no vulnerability in our products discovery, its corresponding, large variety of incidents, etc.) occurs, it decided to make the contact of attention for all customers.
Article 4 (type of service)
For more information on this service is assumed to be described in the e-mail.

Article 5 (the end of the service)
1. The Company, due to unavoidable circumstances of the business, you may want to abolish the service.
If you want to abolish the service, the Company before more than one month, notice to that effect to the contractor or It aims to its well-known by the notification, and then decided to abolish the service.
2. The abolition of this service, subscribers Saisuru to abolish the service, for the payment of use fees,
It will be discussed separately.

Chapter 2 contract
Article 6 (units)
If the contractor apply for a multiple of this service, and the individual service contract by purchase order and concluded that all of the Terms apply.

Article 7 (minimum period)
Minimum usage period is 12 months from the date the start of the provision of the service.

Article 8 (updated)
1. After the lapse of 12 months of the contract start, it shall be automatically renewed every year.
2. In the case of contract termination due to the fact that it is not possible to confirm the payment, the Company is no regard to storage of data It is assumed that it is not involved, it is assumed that we have no liability whatsoever about it.

Article 9 (Restriction on Transfer of Rights)
1. subscribers right on the right such as subscription to receive the provision of this service, our consent without, the other to the transfer, rent,
It is not possible to carry out the pledge, and the like.
2. The contractor is paid or free of charge all or part of this service, can not be used for third party.

Article 10 The (application)
1. top of our Fill entitled to receive all of the items in the style of the purchase order to specify seal,
By how to submit it to the Company shall perform the application of this service.
2. In the application of the agreement, apart from the Company determine identification document, a copy of Corporate registry You may be asked to submit.
3. Upon the service of the application, please check all the contents of the Terms and Conditions.
The Company, for those who do not agree to all or any part of the contents of the Terms and Conditions, can not use this service.

Article 11 (conditions of use)
1. By using our designated distribution software, it is assumed to be able to use this service.
2. for any damage caused by that you did not use our designation of distribution software,
We do not assume any responsibility.

Article 12 (satisfied)
1. the establishment date of the contract the date of accepting the application.
2. paperwork on Subscription Agreement, it will do in the order in which they accepted the application in principle.
However, you may want to change the order by circumstances.
3. The Company, in the case that corresponds to each of the following items may not accept the application of the service.
(1) application was the person Article 25 of the Services (providing stop) when that fall under any of the first term in each item.
(2) any of the Article 25 (provide stop) Paragraph 1 of each item in the application was the person who in the past of this service When it is true, or, when there is to be subjected to the same action in the other services provided by the Company.
(3) When describing the false facts in the contract application form.
(4) In addition to the preceding items, if there is a company's business operations on the trouble, or if there is the fear rational When it is determined to.
(5) If the subscriber is an anti-social organizations, or when it is determined to be a member.
(6) When the contractor does not agree to Article 11 (conditions of use).
If we do not accept the application, the Company will be notified to the applicant.

Article 13 (Change of service contents)
1. contractor, if you wish to change this service content, the changes by the method in which separately determined suppose you have to sign up things.
2. If you accept the preceding application of, the Company will be notified to the contractor.
3. If there was in the first term application is, when technically, such as it is difficult there is our business operations on the trouble,
We may not accept the application. In this case it will notify the contractor.

Article 14 (Change of user account)
Contractor assume that you can not change the user account.
However, the Company, without consent of the contractor, you might want to change the user account.
In this case, the Company shall be notified about changes to the contractor.

Article 15 (Succession of the status of the contractor)
1. The Company is, when one of the grounds listed in the following items to the contractor has occurred, by e-mail to the other party without the need for notification The notification will be able to release it immediately towards all or part of this Agreement in the future by that.
(1) If this Agreement to the violation, it does not corrective and compensation for damages based on the violation of the violation within 15 days after receipt of the notification seeking the corrective (2) becomes a payment stop or insolvency, or bankruptcy proceedings, when there is a petition for civil rehabilitation proceedings or corporate reorganization proceedings and similar proceedings (3) When the drawing board or assumed bill or check has become dishonored
(4) In response to the instruction of the provisional seizure or provisional disposition, if the effect has continued for more than 15 days, or seizure or when it receives a petition for auction (5) Taxes when receiving the delinquent taxes of dues
(6) when the dissolution (except in the case of the merger.), when it became the liquidation start, or all of the business (essentially including the case of all.) When you transfer to a third party (7) When receiving a disposition of cancellation such as business suspension or business license or business registration from the regulatory agencies (8) When the assets, credit standing is worse, or there are reasonable grounds to be recognized as the risk is (9) directors, auditors, employees and other constituent members, shareholders, business partners, or adviser other advisors anti-social forces such as (organized crime groups, gang members, right-wing organizations, anti-social forces, and other pursuant to this person it means. hereinafter the same.) a is that, or maintenance of such anti-social forces through funding other, that you have made any exchange or involvement with equal anti-social forces such as to cooperate or participate in the operation or management In the case that someone found, when it persists in the receipt corresponding period reminded that eliminate 2. The Company is, on the basis of the preceding paragraph, even if you terminate this agreement, subscribers, the Company, the original period of use An amount equal to the balance of the fee up to the expiration date, must be paid as a damage deposit.
3. If the contractor is a legal entity, in the case where the contractor there was a succession of subscribers of position due to the merger,
Contractor shall be notified in writing to that effect immediately to the Company. If the Company does not accept the succession,
Within notification receipt after 14 days that, may cancel a service contract with a notice in writing to the succeeding corporation It is assumed that you can.
If we did not release, successor legal entity shall succeed to the all of the obligations under the service contract.

Article 16 (Method of termination by the contractor)
1. If the contractor you wish to cancel, please apply for the sending of surrender agreement to our company.
Contractor after you fill in the necessary information to the cancellation agreement, and shall be returned by mail to the Company.
2. When you terminate this Agreement, it shall notify the fact to the up to one month prior to the cancellation date to the Company.
In this case, when the period from the date of the notice until the day it is a termination date in the notice is less than 30 days, the efficacy of the cancellation is assumed to occur in the next month termination date the date of the said notification You.
3. Application is incomplete without, if it is confirmed that it is filled, it shall surrender is satisfied.
If there is a deficiency, it will not be accepted cancellation application form until the correction is made.
4. storage of data at the time of cancellation is assumed to be carried out in self-responsibility of the contractor. We absolutely about it It is assumed that it is not responsible.
5. also subscribers even if you have made the cancellation set forth in this Article, the Company, up to the original use expiration date An amount equal to the balance of the fee must be paid as a damage deposit.

Article 17 (released by contractor)
Contractor in accordance with the provisions of the following contract cancellation Civil Code Article 540, and confirmed by this provision to be able to terminate the Agreement.

Article 18 (cancellation by the Company)
Company, when there is reason to increase then is assumed that it is possible to cancel the subscription.
(1) Article 25 (provide stop) if the Company based on the first term is to stop the provision of the service, stop of the day When the grounds that caused the outage from within 7 days is not resolved.
(2) Article 25 (provide stop) there is one of the events of the first term in each item, significantly supporting the provision of the service When we recognize when there is a fear on the disabled.
(3) When there is an obvious reason to believe that neglect the fulfillment of the obligations on the service contract.
(4) In cases where the contractor and the fee payer is different, than the fee payer, the notice of suspension of payment of the fee And there are, the fee payment method contractor alternative to it, when it is not reported within a period specified by the Company.
(5) The Company in other services provided by, and when they are released the contract by the Terms of Service violation.
To cancel the service contract pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Company will be notified to the contractor.

Chapter 3 contract's obligations, etc.
Article 19 (management of user accounts and passwords)
1. The contractor shall care of a prudent administrator user account and password are provided in this service It is assumed that the management Omotte, damaging to the Company or third parties by these unauthorized use It shall be so no. In addition, the contractor is responsible for all damages resulting from the unauthorized use You shall bear.
2. subscriber, the user account and password is found to be used illegally by a third party Case, it is assumed to notify immediately to the Company.
3. The Company, user account and password of leakage, for any damages resulting from such unauthorized use, We do not assume any responsibility.

Article 20 (Change of names of subscribers)
1. The Contractor shall, when there is a change in each item below, shall notify promptly to the Company to that effect.
(1) Name
(2) Address
(3) matters relating to billing, which was reported to the Company
(4) contact telephone number, e-mail address
2. When there is a notification under the preceding paragraph, the Company will submit the documents to prove the fact that there was of the notification You may be asked.

Article 21 (Provision of subscriber information)
1. The Contractor shall, all the information that you provide to us for this service use accurate and up to date We shall keep.
2. The Company reached the notification by the Company for the preceding information from the contractor, until the company confirms the fact of the change You and carrying out the operations relating to the service as unchanged.
We are not responsible for any damage caused to the contractor by this.
3. Details Company provided by the contractor to (including company name is not limited to) You might want to use the introduction of performance description, etc. for the purpose.

Article 22 (contact from the Company)
1. The Contractor shall, e-mail, postal mail, a response without delay to report from our company, such as fax I will with it.
The execution 2. from our company to go the contact of the preceding paragraph, the contractor does not perform the response to be our contact has elapsed one month, the work required on the Company to provide the Services by the If you can not you be, you may cancel the provision of the services to the subscribers. We are not responsible for any damage caused to this by the contractor.

Article 23 (prohibited acts)
1. contractor, on the occasion the use of this service, prohibits the following acts.
(1) in violation of laws and regulations, or the fear of a certain act, or act that is similar to it.
(2) The Company or a third party of honor, trust, moral interests other interests to be protected on the law of privacy, etc.,
Acts that violate the rights, or fear of certain Acts that.
(3) criminal act, and act to facilitate or seduces criminal acts, or acts with those of fear.
(4) false information intentionally provided to act, or act that is similar to it.
(5) obscenity, child prostitution, child pornography, the act of transmitting the content corresponding to child abuse, and Acts in violation of the Act on the Protection of Children, or acts that are similar to it.
(6) Law for the Control and Optimization of customs business like (hereinafter, referred to as "Kaze営 optimization method".) Is Regulatory video transmission type of customs special sales, or acts that are similar to it.
(7) Law on Regulation of the act to attract children using the Internet Dating business (Hereinafter referred to as "dating site regulation method".) Internet Dating business that defines,
Or acts that are similar to it.
(8) The act put a significantly load to the line of this service, nor is it due to the functions of the server multiplied by the load on the server Acts significantly reduce, or act of the act to a third party.
(9) Junk become acts of other subscribers.
(10) The Company acts to interfere with the provision of the service, or act with the fear.
(11) act to use this service in a method or aspect give a hindrance to communication of a third party, or The fear of a certain act.
(12) tampered with the information accessible third party from this service, or to erase act.
(13) The act illegally using someone else's account or password, or acts that are similar to it.
(14) server name, server IP address, account name, the Company of the information without permission of the password, such as the Service It acts to be published to an unspecified number of third parties.
(15) harassment mail, to deliver such a large amount junk mail and act, or act that is similar to it.
(16) The act for the purpose of research of this service.
(17) Other, inappropriate and act upon to use, such as the service hits the public policy violation.
2. If the contractor has determined the Company when doing an act corresponding to the prohibited acts, as defined in Paragraph 1, the Company,
Do the measures provided for in Article 25 (provide stop). Also, you may want to claim damages and expenses to the contractor.

Article 24 (cessation of use at the time of emergency, restrictions)
1. The Company, at the time of natural disasters such as emergency, failure of the communication path, of the Company's equipment maintenance, construction or such disorder,
If there are unavoidable circumstances it may take measures to stop, or limit this service.
2. When you want to cancel or limit the provision of the service, the Company to the contractor, provided that effect and service We will announce the necessary information such as the duration of the stop in advance. However, this does not apply when unavoidable.
In 3. the case of the preceding paragraph, if the damage to the contractor has occurred, the Company assumes no responsibility.

Article 25 (offer stop)
1. The Company is, when the contractor falls under any of the following items, to stop the provision of the service It is assumed that it is possible.
(1) When it did not fulfill its obligations on the service contract.
(2) when it is in violation of the contract's obligations set forth in this Agreement.
(3) with respect to the use of the services we provide, the excessive load or serious hindrance to the Company or a third party When it gave.
(4) on the law on limitations and disclosure of sender information of liability for damages specified telecommunications service provider When there is a declaration.
(5) The Company in other services provided by, and when it is terminate the contract in accordance with the present violations.
(6) Other, when it is reasonably determined that deserves to provide stop by the Company.
2. If we have to stop the provision of the services pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the contractor has already paid to the Company And we shall not be able to receive the redemption of such predetermined fee for the period.
3. Our company without notifying the contractor, stop the provision of the services in whole or in part pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, Or we shall be able to take the necessary measures for stopping.
If the damage to the subscribers generated by the preceding paragraph, the Company does not assume any responsibility.

Chapter 4 Rates
Article 26 (charges)
Fee for this service, it has to be equivalent to the description of the quote.

Article 27 (rate revision)
We might want to revise the fee without obtaining the consent of the contractor, also the contractor to agree to this I will as. Fee structure after the revision, it is assumed to be applied at the time of renewal.
Article 28 (payment obligation) 1. The Contractor shall, obliged to pay the price for the Article 26 (charges).
2. Article 25 (provide stop) defined by the provision of the service if a there is also the price of the services that were stopped in Calculated for, it will treat as there was a provision of the service.
3. The Company assumes no obligation to refund already paid the fee, etc. of the present service at all.
4. Even if the Company has canceled the acceptance of the contract, the same amount of and if we contract has been established with respect to the person We will claim damages gold. Proceedings of the claims of the damage deposit will be the same as the procedures of the claims of the fee and the like.
5. contract's acceptance by the Company of the application, if the work of out-of-range set forth in this Agreement is performed, subscribers to the Company's claim You shall pay a special fee. If the Company to be the special rates necessary for the work,
It will notify you in advance that effect against the contractor.
6. pay to financial institution fees, other costs will be borne by the contractor.

Article 29 (calculation method)
1. Information on the method of calculating the fee you will be subject to the tariff of the site and materials operated by the Company.
2. When the service contract is terminated before the contract period has elapsed, the fees for the services corresponding to the contract period The full amount, you shall pay in a lump from the date of termination of the contract within two weeks.

Article 30 (payment method)
1. The contractor shall, date that we specify, and shall pay the fee by the method.
2. contractor bank transfer, by invoice payment shall pay the fee. It should be noted that, for other payment methods It will respond to appropriate consultation.

Article 31 (gold premium)
Contractor payment escaped illegally of charges, etc., in addition to its escaped forehead, the same amount as its that spared forehead as premium I suppose you have to pay by the due date to be specified.

Article 32 (delinquent damage deposit)
If the contractor, not still be paid after the lapse of the payment due date for the price and other obligations, the contractor For the number of days from the day following the payment due date until the day before the payment date, the amount which is obtained by calculation at a rate of year 14.0 percent,
I suppose you have to pay by the due date to be specified as delinquent damage deposit.

Article 33 (manner of payment of the premium, etc.)
For payment of Article 31 (gold premium) and Article 32 (delinquent damage gold), and shall be paid by the method that we specify.

Article 34 (consumption tax)
in the case where the contractor to pay the debt in accordance with the present service to the Company, laws and regulations related to consumption tax law and the law When the consumption tax and local consumption tax are intended to be imposed for the payment pursuant to the provisions,
Subscribers during fulfill the obligation, it shall be paid in conjunction with the consumption tax and local consumption tax equivalent to this.

Article 35 (Rounding)
In rates and other calculation, if the fraction of less than one yen occurs in the calculation result truncates the fraction.

Chapter 5 management, etc.
Article 36 (handling of data, etc.)
1. the main data center server provided by the Company in this service, our reasonable control of beyond reason (fire, power outage, hacking, computer virus invasion, earthquake, flood, war, pestilence, embargoes, strikes, riot, goods and transport facilities of non-secure, or include intervention by government authorities, but are not limited to. Even as has been decommissioned, or in other than its intended purpose of use by), for damages that result occurs, the Company any it is assumed that it is not also bear responsibility.
2. We, the data collected by the service, the nature of the system does not guarantee the integrity of the recovered It is a thing. For damages that result occurs, the Company shall have no liability whatsoever.
3. Depending on the contract's inquiry, you may want to check and manipulate the data of subscribers.
4. The Company, the contents of the record of the access status for a service to be provided to the contractor (referred to as "log".) It will not provide the service to notify subscribers. Also, that we do not know the contents of the log to subscribers You shall not bear any responsibility for thus resulting damages.

Article 37 (erasing of data, etc.)
1. In the following cases, without based on our reasonable judgment, to obtain the prior consent of the contractor,
You shall delete the data can be.

(1) When the posted content, Article 25 (providing stop) it is determined that corresponds to each item of the first term. (2) Other, when the Company deems it inappropriate.
2. The Company does not assume the responsibility for action based on the preceding paragraph.

Article 38 (such as the data at the time of cancellation)
1. On the basis of the provisions of this Agreement, if it is canceled the service, and then delete the data, and the like in the server.
2. For damage caused to this by the contractor, the Company assumes no liability whatsoever.

Article 39 (distribution software)
1. The contractor shall software (hereinafter referred to as distribution software.) By the Company to distribute install on their own the and it shall be able to be used in helping the.
2. subscribers on the occasion of distribution software available you agree to the Terms and Conditions.
3. Subscribers may only be able to use the distributed software we have provided for the purposes of this service,
It can not be used in any other purpose.

Article 40 (optional service)
1. The Company shall provide to subscribers the option of service as specified separately.
2. Follow the contractor separately stipulated Terms wishing to provide optional services the option Service It is assumed to be used.

Chapter 6 liability, etc.
Article 41 (Limitation of Liability)
1. The Company is exclusively for reasons attributable to the Company's responsibility, when you do not provide this service to subscribers,
From the time the contractor at the Company has become aware that you can not use this service, and continuously 72 hours or more, and only when this service was not available at all, and the compensation for damages. At that time, the Company, from the time the contractor was aware can not be using this service, as limit the usage fee per month, and the compensation for damages.
2. referred to in the preceding paragraph "Our reasons attributable", the virus infection that occurred before providing this service,
Make sure that unauthorized access, etc. are not included.

Article 42 (Disclaimer)
1. The provisions of Article 41 (limitation of liability) are those that the Company with respect to this Agreement is to define any responsibility owed to the contractor You have. Company subscribers, and likewise for the other third party, by the use of this service,
Or for damages arising in connection with it, and it does not assume any responsibility.
In addition, it is the same for damages caused by the failure or malfunction of the equipment necessary for the provision of the service.
2. In the use of this service, subscribers rise to a case that caused damage to a third party, or contractor with a third party dispute If the contractor is supposed to solve at your own risk, the Company does not assume any responsibility for the damages thereby caused.

Article 43 (denial of security responsibility)
The provisions of the law that the Company on matters relating to other matters the Service listed in the following items determine the effect that bear some liability, in the between the Company and the contractor, it is assumed that you do not apply it.
(1) that the service is provided with a constant quality.
(2) that meet the specific purpose of use the contents of this service.
(3) It is possible to use this service and does not violate the rights of third parties.
Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Provisions Article 44 (confidentiality)
The Company, based on the information on the related acquired contract's technical and business on the other business in this Agreement to the Company provisions of the privacy policy, use, storage, and shall be managed.
Article 45 (confidentiality)
1. Subscribers may publish service information obtained by using the service to a third party,
And we shall not be able to provide.
2. The Contractor shall, planning this service similar services in the service information that was obtained by using the Service,
And we shall not be able to operate.
3. or tamper distribution software provided with this service, and those that can not be redistributed to a third party Do.
4. this section shall be effective date no later cancellation.

Article 46 (a court of competent jurisdiction)
If the conflict in connection with the use of the service occurs between the contractor and the Company, in accordance with the Sogaku,
The Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court and the first instance of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

Article 47 (Governing Law)
For interpretation and application-performance of this Agreement, unless otherwise stated, we will apply the Japanese law.

Article 48 (of good faith obligation)
1. Company and the contractor in case we encounter any situation that is not defined in this Agreement performs good faith consultation with each other,
Suppose you want to solve this problem.
2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the general private law, and shall be governed by such as trading practices.

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