Client`s Voices

Here are some feedbacks and comments that we had and like to share.

  • Our system unit is having a monthly meeting regarding security measures based on the "Protection report". We also ask Rocketworks to send the same report to our outsourcing system company in order to share the same information.

    Tokyo / J Inc.

  • We love the logo of Aegis so we choose it for our sport team uniform.
    We unfortunately lost at the quarter final but we will do our best to win the championship next season.

    Tokyo / F, Inc.

  • We are very happy especially for giving us advices about further polices and even for buying new hardware and equipment. Their information about the industry are useful too.

    Osaka / H, Inc.

  • I was very glad that the CEO came straight to see me in Kyushu when I was discussing about the contract. Even the service works on cloud it is always better to know each other face to face.

    Fukuoka / S Inc.

  • I was looking for a web security company with a good legal adviser whenever if "it" happens by any chance.
    I also knew the reputation of Ogasawara Konno & Rokugawa legal firm and it was one big reason I signed the contract.

    Tokyo / K, Inc.

  • With their fixed and reasonable price, my superior's decision was very quick. I think that Aegis should cost more for its services.

    Tokyo / U, Inc.

  • Our point of reference was the honest attitude of the salesmen. He briefly explained us about what they are able and not, including advices and explanations of other company's services.

    Fukuoka / K, Inc.

  • Today, the Global market in IT business relies on cloud service. I briefly think that, that is their strength. I would love to see that the American and Russian army both uses Aegis.

    Tokyo / H, Inc.

  • Only an extra 20000 yen and the "protection report" will include valuable advices witch I think is enough return. My superior is satisfied to see the visualized attacks on the report.

    Tokyo / I, Inc.

  • We choose "Aegis" not only as one bestselling security system but also because we didn't need to take a new SSL as company S is requiring.

    Tokyo / S Inc.

  • We adopted Aegis because it is a cloud service and especially installable on AWS.

    Tokyo / R, Inc.

  • We felt reassured that their support were very good, easy to understand, kind and very helpful for a small company like us.

    Tokyo / C, Inc.

  • When we asked estimates for a "vulnerability inspection" to major companies, they came back all expensive. However with Aegis "One month free trial" we were in fact able to see the result with the report and we adopted their system straight away.

    Tokyo / C, Inc.

  • We liked the "clear budget" as security system usually costs a lot and the differences were clear as we took multiple quotations, they were all high beside Aegis.

    Osaka / G Inc.

  • We adopted because we liked their stories about the past case, especially about accidents.
    We even think that updating accident reports on their websites is another way to know their professional actions.

    Tokyo / W Company

  • I think that they should appeal more about their achievements with big companies.

    Tokyo / D Inc.

  • We adopted because they are not pricing on metered rate. I also like the honest behavior or the salesman who explained about his systems weak point but had also a clear solution to support it. Any company looking for a new web security system, take multiple quotations but also compare the quality of the salesmen.

    Osaka / N, Inc.

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