About Aegis Security Systems

How AEGIS Works

Aegis, our agent program
(software that communicates between your server and our system)
will work on all, Linux and windows based machines, including virtual server.

"Aegis" checks all communications to your server, log data are send to our cloud system (main system) by AES encrypted communication, and realizes real time security.

Therefore, as you may understand from the above description, the number of hosts, servers and the type of web server software does not affect our system to detect attacks, as long as the logs are in a format that Aegis supports.

※ If any IP address or signature pattern is detected as an attacker, our data center will order Aegis, our agent program installed to your server, to stop only the detected communication notified through the logs.

※ Aegis is very small and simple. The size is only about one floppy disc so you don't have to worry about the capacity of your server. The CPU occupation remains below 1% and you don't even need to reboot your system.

More details

Monthly Protection report

We provide a monthly report to all our clients

Our client will all receive a monthly "Protection report" through email, that you may see a sample on the picture, beside the email notice for each single attack.
The report will include; time of attack, attack pattern, attackers IP to number of attacks and it's ratio with graph. We also have a plan with a report that we call "Security advice plan" which will include comment and advices for further measures and policies, in addition to the aforementioned report data.

  • ・Cover page

  • ・Date, time zone and
    ・Summary of detected attacks

  • ・IP address and its country of origin
    ・TOP 10 attacker source IP
    ・Breakdown of the Attacker source IP (TOP 28 IP)

  • ・Security advice


For Engineer

For more details we ask you to have a look on the FAQ page from the link below.

FAQs page

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